- The Enormity of Silenceby frogbook
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A true account
The Enormity of Silence by frogbook
    Quiet Contest Winner 

The frantic commotion of trauma
The gnashing of teeth and wails of sadness beyond words
The ambulance arriving and pleas to save
But I see the answer in the paramedic's eyes

They go through the motions but the blip on the screen is so small

The ride to the hospital-hope still quivering
The frantic rush to do all that can be done
The words spoken aloud that I refuse to hear
I cry huge choking sobs

I even push the priest aside

I want to say, "You are lying, all of you!"
But I began to know the worst is true
I calm down, I can't look at anyone
Finally, I acquiesce.

They leave me alone with him
I hold his hand
I tell him I love him, one more plea not to go
But, I only hear ...quiet.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem that ends with the word: quiet.
Contest Winner


Author Notes
These are my thoughts when my husband died. We were 34 years old. It was the most traumatic of times. Lack of punctuation purposeful.


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