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Autumn Thoughts by frogbook
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Ah Autumn, such a bittersweet season.

               Grieve the loss of sweet flowers?

               Celebrate the ice crystals on a window pane? 
A juxtaposition-the end of summer or the beginning of winter?

Glass half empty or half full?

I want to weep when I see the leaves cascading down, but I also want to rake them into a pile and jump in the middle.

The waning of the bright blossoms makes me long for more of the bouquets, but I want to catch a snowflake on my tongue.

Yet Autumn in my favorite season with its stark beauty, so fleeting.

                     Winter in the morning air

                     Sun to warm my cheeks at noon.

I relish the football games,

                                the pumpkins in the fields,

                                                             the smell of roasting chili peppers.

I miss my boys, laughing, and running to the pool for a wild dive into cool water,

             Their skin tanned against light hair, despite generous sunscreen applied.

I look forward to bonfires crackling

                                                       The corn mazes

                                                                              Haunted houses...Boo!

The rustling of the leaves in the cool breeze whispers to the floating dandelion puffs....
                                                        "See you next year."

But for now, a riot of blazing beauty cradles the hillside.

Shouts of, "Don't forget your jacket and remember it gets dark earlier," fill the world, it seems.

No more fanning, flushed faces, the air feels just right.

Get an extra soft blanket, you'll sleep well this cool night.

Bittersweet season....

Autum with no any colors mentioned
Contest Winner


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