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Don't give up! Success Contest
Writers, New and Old by frogbook
Success Is the Issue writing prompt entry

You can do it, we know you can,
write a story, make a stand.
Let it out, embellish a bit,
persevere and never quit.
Don't let reviews take hold of you,
listen to advice, tried and true.
Grammar, spelling, need an edit?
Do it happily, don't forget it.
Review with sensitivity, but truth,
put your writing in a contest booth.
Let out that writer, longing to be heard,
just be yourself, you'll fly like a bird.

Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem of less than 100 words. Convince the reader of his or her potential to succeed.
Use FS editors (basic, advanced) for editing, font and color. Select two colors, one each for font and background.
Use only one illustration (optional).
No animation, soundtrack, or other special effects.


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