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The Proposal
My Wildest Dream by country ranch writer
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What happens to me you say when I dream? Am I dreaming about being happy, rich , famous? Why am I waking up so confused? It isn't like I have dreamed this over and over again. I have dreamed this dream ever since I was in my teens it seems. The dream starts off I'm dreaming of this gorgeous sexy cowboy in tight jeans and good looks. So handsome it would make any gal stop and stare he is every girls dream. He makes my heart beat fast just thinking of being with him.

Just when things start getting good then the hand of fickle fate comes rushing in. Just as he gets down on bended knee damned if I don't wake up! What the heck does it mean? I would wake up screaming. Wait who are you? Let me see you, all of you, turn around so I can see your face. Please I would beg to no avail he just fades away. Finally as I grew older I dismissed it as a childhood dream. I had resigned my self to the fact I would never find out.

I started living my real dream life traveling and making a name for my self as I rode in the rodeo performing all over the country. Having a hectic schedule there wasn't much time to fall in love or so I thought. Then something magical happened I found the man of my dreams. It was love at first sight for both of us. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time. We both were performing at the same rodeo events. We became inseparable after bumping into each other one night after the rodeo. I was a roving reporter, promoter for the rodeo, besides barrel rider. He was a bull rider and high up there in the standings on his way to the PBR finals in Las Vegas.

What happened next was way beyond my wildest dreams, the proposal. This wasn't just any proposal it was orchestrated with fenese, something I didn't know he was capable of. I never had a clue he was preparing to shock me out of my cowgirl boots. While I was out in the arena I had a feeling something was different about the night but couldn't quite put my finger on it. As I finished my run I heard my name called to return to the arena. As I returned to the area a I realized the voice I had heard was the voice of my intended. He walked into the area and they closed the gates behind him. With the microphone in his hand he asked me to dismount. He then knelt on one knee and proposed to me in front of thousands of people! Of course I was overwhelmed by this and all I could say was yes! This time I was wide awake when my dream came true.

That was a life time ago,we can no longer travel or ride but we have our memories. Times were good to us back then and we have made so many friends over the years. Love does find you when you least expect it.


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