- To, a Boy and a Girlby Kerry Robinson
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seasons of love (a contest entry)
To, a Boy and a Girl by Kerry Robinson
Emotional Dependency writing prompt entry
To my Daughter

Stolen innocence of a young girls heart
Told her you loved her, you'd never part
She opened her heart and loved you so true
became dependant on your love, and all you do
You made her a promise to never lie, and deceive
She trusted you and believed you'd never leave
She let you become a part of her world, her life
Thinking maybe one day you'd make her your wife
Like Winter's ice, you've become frigid and cold

Should of given the Sun, warmth of love till you're old
But you broke her heart into pieces to fall
And never worth a season of love at all

Spring has sprung, must let go, and overcome
You're better on your own when the day is done
You have a heart that's made of pure gold
Let the seasons of love, open and unfold
He will never know, nor make your worth
Stand strong, make your stamp on this earth
Let him go and get lost in the breeze
He ain't worth dirt beneath the trees
Live life, go have yourself some fun
Dance underneath the summer sun
Your prince awaits, one day you'll meet
He'll love you true, and bow at your feet

Your love story will come, it just hasn't been told
But first, you must cut ties with the old

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about being emotionally dependent on some you love and then how you overcome the ties of that dependency.

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