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Learning right from wrong contest entry
Grandma's Teachings by DragonSkulls
    Learning Right From Wrong Contest Winner 

We all went to grandma's house
Sunday afternoon.
I just wanted to stay home
and watch my new cartoon.

But I was dragged out to the car
and strapped into the seat.
Off to mean ol' Grandma's house
just so we can eat.

The dining table was full of food,
with stuff I hate the most.
But I was forced to clean my plate
of all the food that's gross.

I closed my eyes and held my breath
through every nasty bite.
I know that I am just a kid
but how can this be right?

I asked if I could be excused
and just before I stood,
I grunted out a giant fart
and, boy, did it feel good.

Right there in front everyone,
my uncles and my aunts,
my mom said, "Mat, what do you say?"
"I think I crapped my pants."

My grandma's eyes grew awful wide,
"What did you just say?"
I took off running down the hall
but could not get away.

After she had spanked my butt
and I apologized,
it's then I learned what I had done
and now I realize...

I must be a good young man
with manners I'll embrace.
And one thing I shall never do...
is fart at Grandma's place.

Writing Prompt
Learning Right From Wrong Children's Poetry Contest

Write a rhyming poem of up to 300 words. Create a situation in which a young child learns the difference between a right or wrong moral decision.

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Learning Right From Wrong
Contest Winner



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