- Crime Does Not Payby Chrissy710
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A childs lesson in life 'right from wrong'
Crime Does Not Pay by Chrissy710
Learning Right From Wrong writing prompt entry

        Crime Does Not Pay
The phone it rang a voice I heard
"Your son's down here, he has a friend,
They've come with fifty each to spend
I thought I'd ring not message send

Was sure that you would want to know
I'll keep them here until you show,
They've ridden down upon their bikes
That's quite a ride for little tykes".

So in the car and down the road
I parked outside and in I strode,
"Why hello boys, what's that you've got?
A fifty each that's quite a lot.

Where did you get that money son?"
" We found it on the road dear Mum"
"Oh did you now, well fancy that
I think we need a little chat.

So come on boys get in my car
We'll go back home it isn't far,
Now tell the truth about your find"
This invitation he declined.

Instead he swore they found the cash
But I knew he had found my stash.
I asked again the truth please tell
He lied once more and I said "well

I don't believe that this is so
Now to Police we all must go,
Cause little boys who tell such lies
Go straight to jail, when truth denies"

He looked at me, his tears did swell
Ah ha I thought, he now will tell
The truth from him I shall co-erse.

"I took the money from your purse"

Two frightened boys I then took home
The lesson learnt was set in stone,
"Don't steal or lie" I told my son
Especially not to your dear Mum.


Writing Prompt
Learning Right From Wrong Children's Poetry Contest

Write a rhyming poem of up to 300 words. Create a situation in which a young child learns the difference between a right or wrong moral decision.

From FS editors (basic, advanced) select two colors, one each for font and background.
Use only one illustration (optional).
No animation, soundtrack, or other special effects.


Author Notes
This is a true story about my son who was about 6yrs old at the time and he took 2 fifty dollar notes from my purse, gave fifty to his friend and off down the road to the corner store they rode. The shop keeper rang to let me know of this and the conversation was very much as the poem relates. My son denied the theft and stood by his story of 'finding the money on the road.' So I thought OK a lesson for you my son and put them into the car, asking again where he got the money and again lied. So I headed off in a different direction to home and he asked where we were going. I told him we had to go to the Police Station as that's where little boys go when they tell their mothers lies. ( I was dying to laugh but restrained myself and kept a straight face) My son eventually confessed that he took the $100 from my purse.
After a lecture about stealing and lying the boys were very quiet for some time.

My son is now 33 and he remembers this misadventure and how scared he was. LOL
so I think this taught him a lesson and has held him in good stead he never stole again.

Indecently the other boy ended up a criminal and has spent his adult life in and out of jail so maybe I should have taken them to the Police Station after all.

The image is from google clip art and reminds me of my blond son at the time

Tyke : child, especially a cheeky or mischievous one, (oxford dictionary)

Thanks for reading my story


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