- The End of Warby Thomas Bowling
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When will the fighting end?
The End of War by Thomas Bowling

The End of War

How long must the fighting continue?
When will nations lay down their weapons of destruction?
Must this go on for eternity?
Are we cursed to fight forever?
When will our children be safe?

The wars will never end
Foolish man did you think I was lying when I said
There shall be wars and rumors of war until the end of time?
Why do you think any will survive?
Foolish man

Men will one day learn to live in peace
But you said the lion will lay down with the lamb
Not on earth
I know the destruction will stop
Never, never, never

But surely say I
This must come to an end
Peace must reign over the earth
Not so says he. Death will always be preferred over life

But who will finally see the end of 
He answers, only the dead know when the war is over



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