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Get off your High Horse - A new Con
Bugger it by Chrissy710
Get Off Your High Horse - A NEW CON writing prompt entry

I saw a little bug one day
Fly close to me and heard it say,
"Close your mouth, no need to gawk,
Surprise, surprise! Yes I can talk."
I gasped with breath but then I KNEW
I'd swallowed it, when past it flew,
I coughed and spluttered, had a spit
Could only say "Oh Bugger it."

Writing Prompt

Get Off Your High Horse
Loosen up, forget your anxieties, and have some fun.
Other rules:
Write a short rhyming poem about a small bug, a big frog, or a brother-in-law of any size. (It is okay if you must include more than one bug or frog, but use only one brother-in-law, please.)
(No mention of horse permitted.)
Your poem should not exceed eight lines, and must end with a satori line (rhyme optional)
One illustration (optional)
No animation, audio or other special effects.
Use One color each for font and background.
Select font and color from FS basic or advance editors.
Don?t forget the satori!


Author Notes
'Bugger it' Is a commonly used term used to express annoyance at something

Thanks to David Ruhl for the image 'I see a bug' Can you?

Thanks for reading my work


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