- Grass by the Lakeby LoannaLois
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Horrible memories can create phobias
Grass by the Lake by LoannaLois
Phobias writing prompt entry

The lake is lovely, with shadows deep,
but do not sit me down
in grass and dandelion;
newly-covered with a veil of dew.

As lovely as the view appears, if one looks up...
not down to see grass and ground...

I will not sit by the lovely lake
nor drink fine wine there.

I will never sample a picnic berry
nor sit on that grass,
that sweet dew-covered grass...
that awful carpet of my nightmare...

and the lake with such lovely shadows deep.

Writing Prompt
Write a 10-15 line free verse poem about a phobia you may have. We all have something that very much frightens us. No rhyming patterns.


Author Notes
A memory...


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