- Moonlight Dancersby Susanjohn
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Another love poem...
Once upon the heart..
: Moonlight Dancers by Susanjohn

'Twas serendipity that fateful night,
when fate and providence danced on two hearts.
Love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

Between wondrous celestial magnetite,
and genuinely fearless lion hearts ...
'twas serendipity that fateful night.

Mischievous eyes wander in delight,
be-wetted tender kisses soon imparts ...
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

Kept fantasies beg passions to ignite;
hot, sizzling fever ravenously darts ...
'twas serendipity that fateful night.

Resisting never, strong arms holding tight,
we're joy's kaleidoscope, with fading lyarts ...
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.

True bonded dovetails under heaven's sight ...
gone, empty yesterdays; now, living starts.
'Twas serendipity that fateful night;
love harnessed, two souls cradled 'neath moonlight.



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Author Notes
Lyart...A grayish streak.


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