- One More Dayby MelB
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Getting Through
One More Day by MelB

One More Day:

This dark force tugs at me,
and spits in my eye.
It taunts and dares;
willing me to die.
A sharp, stabbing pain
wrapped in a blanket of numb;
sucking out life
into a tunnel of nothing.
Losing all hope,
yearning to give in;
but, You won't let me.

One flicker of hope,
You pick me up,
and wrap me in Your love.
You sustain me,
give me strength.
You hold me up
till I can stand on my own,
and make it through
one more day.


Author Notes
I had to go to my parents' house yesterday, and do some things for my Dad. It was a place of comfort for so many years. It is painful for me to go there now. Most of you know what happened. If you are reading my work for the first time, my mom passed away in January, at age 71. She was not only my mom, but also my best friend. I don't know how to go on without her, but somehow God is getting me through this.


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