- The Last Closed Doorby frogbook
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Closed door contest
The Last Closed Door by frogbook
Behind The Door writing prompt entry

She never spoke of what happened behind the closed door.
No one questioned the constant sunglasses she wore.

Oh, the neighbors knew, but they'd never tell,
wouldn't do, and anyway, she'd probably post bail
Her work knew with the frequent times she was out,
instead she was disciplined, fate of job in doubt.

Her family suspected and they were afraid,
together it was a plan they reluctantly made.
No one would believe and she wouldn't tell,
the police wouldn't take him and put him in jail.

So, her brothers came in late that night,
he was drunk and violent and full of spite.
They took him and drove him away in the car,
somewhere never found, so cold, and so far.

Everyone was told he ran after what he had done,
Not really missed, he wasn't liked by anyone.
The police searched for him for a while,
said it's likely he'll never be brought to trial.

She never spoke of what happened behind the closed door
and now it's too late because she is no more.
The family's plan worked but they arrived too late,
the last beating, had forever sealed her fate.

And so, they mourn their sister and daughter is gone,
It helps a little that his closed door, will never be found.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem that describes what is behind the door. Any type of poetry welcomed.


Author Notes
Domestic violence happens too often and someone needs to tell.


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