- Time Well Spentby Mark Valentine
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A Shakesperean Sonnet for My Beloved*
Time Well Spent by Mark Valentine
Sonnet Poetry Contest contest entry

The hourglass of our lives held sands of brown
With time enough to live and love and laugh.
Relentlessly those grains ran ever down,
Now most of ours are in the bottom half.
For time’s a river flowing to the sea
Whose gravity can never be reversed,
And some consider it a tragedy
When scant alloted time has been been dispersed.
But time on earth to Heaven can be tied,
When tethered thus, it’s never poorly spent.
A moment spent on care is sanctified,
And time infused with love is sacrament.
               I do not fret if time is almost through,
               Because I found eternity in you


Author Notes
* - Yeah, that's you Maggie.


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