- To Bee Or Not To Beeby prettybluebirds
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A funny moment at the riding stable
To Bee Or Not To Bee by prettybluebirds
Made me Laugh-Out-Loud writing prompt entry

In the sixties,  I was working at Old Trails Riding Stable located near Silver Lake, Michigan. We got a lot of strange people. One day that sticks in my memory was when a group of teens arrived from Detroit, Michigan. They were a cocky bunch, and all claimed to be expert riders, so we mounted them on the more spirited horses in the riding string. They also insisted they didn't want, or need, a guide to go with them. They were an obnoxious bunch of individuals and treated us country folk like dirt under their feet.        

 The owner of the stable was skeptical, but he agreed to let them go with a couple of warnings. He told the teens to stay on the trail and not to race the horses. To do either would be dangerous and a risk to the horses, themselves, or both. He then started them out on what was known as the high trail as it wound up a steep hill, and into the woods to the east of the stables. The hill and the edge of the woods could be seen from the stable yard.

We all stood by the barn and watched as the smart alecks went across the field and started up the long hill. Sure enough, they started to clown around and ran the horses all over the hillside before they finally entered the woods in a spot other than the trail. Our boss man decided to send one of us after them.

Donny had just mounted his horse to run the bunch down when horses and riders burst from the woods. Most of the cocky teens wound up on foot, and the horses headed for home as fast as they could run. it was a sight to behold. The kids rolled on the ground and flailed their arms around. None of us knew what the heck was going on. 

The horses beat the teens back to the barn. We had a tough time catching the animals and calming them down. We didn't know what had set them off, but we had a suspicion it was a yellow jacket nest one of the horses had accidentally stepped in. If they had stayed on the trail it never would have happened. The trail was checked regularly for just such things as wasps.

The young smart alecks were a subdued group as they stumbled into the stable yard. They were covered with bee stings, bruises, and numerous scratches. Leaves and grass covered their hair and bodies. Some had eyes swollen nearly shut. Luckily, no one broke any bones or sported any serious injury. Us low-life country folk did our best to hide our amusement.

The owner of the stable did call a doctor to make sure no one had bee allergies or serious injuries. We laughed about the incident for days. Someone could have been hurt or killed, but as it turned out, all was fine. Maybe those youngsters learned a lesson in respect for horses and wasps.


Writing Prompt
Poem or prose about an incident that you saw or that happened to you that made you laugh out loud....after the incident the day a friend went sky-diving and her teeth blew away....or the kids at school asking whether I was covering a hickey, (love bite) on my neck because I always wear scarves. (I wish..)

Keep it short....half a page....we've all had these incidents...


Author Notes
This happened in 1963 while I worked at a local riding stable. It wasn't funny, but yet, it was. Those kids needed a lesson in humility and they got one.


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