- Freedomby tfawcus
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Free verse
Freedom by tfawcus
Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

With luck, we'll flee from circumstance
when all we love is gone,

but, even if successful,
ourselves we'll not outrun.

Raw wounds still bleed the essence
of who we really are.

That precious core,
needs to heal
and scar,

and not be lost
at any cost.

may elude
but it takes much more than that
to break the bonds
that spiders spin
around a victim's heart.

I speak here for all abused,
for all of those who flee,
and all who are
from society.

Freedom may be sought,
and its semblance sometimes bought,
but without inner peace
and equanimity,
we're never truly balanced,
never fully free.


Author Notes
Image Credit:
The birds want to ask us, 'are you still here? Do you still not have your freedom?' under a Creative Commons Licence


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