- Grand Childrenby Kerry Robinson
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Trinet entry
Grand Children by Kerry Robinson
    Trinet Poetry Contest Winner 

Bundled love
mourning dove
sent to me from heavens above
never before I felt grandma's love
so sweet
so pure
child adored

baby boys
tiny toys
sugar pops, lollipops, little baby gumdrop
little baby binky's, little diaper stinky's
playing games
toy trains
and planes

angel wishes
nona's kisses
little snug bug, gives nona hugs
my bouncing baby, bundle of love
so sweet
so pure
always adored

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Trinet Poetry
Contest Winner

Author Notes
This picture above is my step sons baby Silas
I love him as my my own. I've raised him from the day he was born. I always call him cute little names, like my sugar pop, my snug bug anything under the sun
I think of. I sing sugar pops, lollipops, my little baby gumdrops.


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