- The Mothby tfawcus
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A poem in ballad measure
The Moth by tfawcus
    Poem of the Month Contest Winner 

How soft the wind doth tease tonight,
the moth paused on the pane.
A feathered brush on powdered wing
reflects the moon's domain.

Its latent form, ephemeral,
seems stilled in dark surmise.
There, painted on its wings outspread,
two iridescent eyes

yearn sightlessly to understand
our filtered firmament.
Yet I could open up the latch
before the candle's spent,

and let this dreamer flutter in
to touch reality,
the flame that burns, reducing all
to grey eternity,

but I'll maintain a poet's right
to keep the window closed,
and pen my prisoned thoughts upon
this moonlit moth's repose.
Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Moth from Mt Hawthorn licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Australia License.
Image credit: Photographer: Mark Harvey
Copyright: Western Australian Museum


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