- My beautiful Cahoreby Jackarrie
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: My beautiful Cahore by Jackarrie
Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

I yearn to go back
to this quaint village

unforgettable moments
are etched on my mind
rolling cliffs of primroses
nature’s magic carpet

poppies lazily hang on the craggy ledge
harmoniously the sounds of birds sing
as they swing on fine branches
singing delightful songs

these early days of spring
are welcomed and warm
vast green fields proudly boast

 tiny baby lambs prancing excitedly
each knowing their own

to sit and watch
the wild sea crashing against the cliffs
roaring loudly as each white horse
tumbles and unfurls its majestic wave
swirling tirelessly through time

a hypnotic effect we never tire of
constant as the moon's phases

at twilight, nature displays
a glowing canopy of the bluest blue

as stars slowly begin to appear
 the mistress of the night enters into view

a beaming orb shimmering all aglow
smiling across the harbor
her luminous light is welcomed

this enchanted village
forever I'll hold  it's magic
opened my eyes to nature
 became my spiritual teacher



Author Notes
Cahore, Is a small fishing village in Wexford the southeast of Ireland


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