- Lovely Valentineby michaelcahill
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Sometimes Roses, Sometimes Thorns
: Lovely Valentine by michaelcahill
Valentine's Poetry contest entry


the sun sighs grateful for a cloud arrived
to shield it from the dazzling light displayed.
For when she smiles all hope and joy's revived,
seems stars awaiting night are not delayed.

And from a distant glow I bask in hope,
an insignificantly foolish boy.
I'm giddy thinking ways for how I'll cope,
but daft to conjure any clever ploy.

Still thrills await me simply to observe
her every gesture as she graces Earth.
I'm even tickled that I lack the nerve,
and find my hopeless quest to be of worth.

Some wine and dine their lovely valentine,
but I'm content to love the one not mine.



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