- Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad? by Luna
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Free verse
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad? by Luna
To Mickey, with love.


Visions of buttercups 
fill your mind ~ so lovely. 
Take your bath
of milk and honey. 

{How nice.}
{Sugar and spice!} 

He thinks he's found
true love in your
open arms. 
it will succeed,
just wait. 
you'll be married
to my man!

{Are you happy, turtle dove?} 
{Ecstatic? } 

This purloined love
borne of your slippery
ways is so sad.
You think he's yours;
to the contrary,
the prize is still mine.
He's mine.  I'm his. 

{All days.}  

Forever you'd be his,
he promised you.
I'm so sorry, Princess,
for your sad loss.

{Don't you see?} 
{I had a cunning plan.}

Invited him for
a spot of tea ~

{Shot to the head will do} 
Death becomes him, don't you agree?  

{Oh, sweet revenge!} 



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