- Somewhere, Down The Roadby jaybird1
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A fight with cancer
Somewhere, Down The Road by jaybird1

If somewhere down this road of life
our paths should cross again,
I'll know you came to spread your brand
of sickness, fear and pain.

Some years ago, with treachery
you stole my mate away.
The hurt still lingers in my heart,
until this very day.

Then, later on you came for me
with your same dark, dreaded kiss;
Since then I've struggled, prayed and sought
the road to inward bliss.

What lies ahead, God only knows,
what's waiting there for me;
I'm bent, I'm worn, my eyes are dim,
but, my spirit's cancer free.



Author Notes
In 1982 I lost my first wife to brain cancer.In 1997 cancer called again for me.I had chemo
for one year and 20 years later, I am still here.


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