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Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge, January 2017
Resolution by PhilipCatshill

As the woman flicked a duster around the room, she whined: "I don't know why you bother making these New Year resolutions. Every year you make a list, but you never keep them. You still smoke, still buy chocolate when you think I'm not looking and as for drink... Last year, you resolved to keep the garden tidy, but look at it now. It is overgrown and weedy."

Her husband replied, "Just like our marriage."

The wife ranted on, "Forty years I've put up with you and your worthless resolutions. Go on; tell me what have you resolved to do this year?"
The husband folded his memo pad and tossed it aside.

The woman snatched it up and read, "New Year Resolution, 2017
Get the battery for my hearing aid ..."

He took the pad out of her hands, amended the resolution and said, "This one I'll definitely keep!"

The amended resolution read, "ForGet the battery for my hearing aid."

Author Notes
Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge is a group on where each month, writers are challenged to produce a complete story based on a given title that fits within the space of a LinkedIn comment, (1,000 characters). The January 2017 title was Resolution. The one word title could be interpreted in various ways. Resolution could be the name of a warship, a spaceship even, a promise, a problem solved, your New Year's Resolution for 2017, or even one you made in a previous year but didn't keep!
This is my entry.

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