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Either It's Love or It Isn't
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'Either It's Love or It Isn't' ~ 48-400-B-C

We shared splendid time in the sun.
It seemed the Earth with magic spun.
Our souls converged, we'd just begun,
with love so strong, compared to none.

A year of days merged into one.
Could any heart lose grace or shun
a gift like this; reject and run,
the universe itself to stun?
But ever slowly we came undone.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ January 9, 2017
'Either It's Love or It Isn't'


Writing Prompt
Write a monorhyme.

A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme.

Example #1:
Late for Class

I realized it was half past four
When I, quite late, ran out the door.
My history class I so abhor,
But I missed two sessions the week before.
I failed a test on ancient lore
And forgot the date of the Second World War.
(Man, my brain was really sore.)
Up the marble stairs I tore,
And slid across a just-mopped floor:
I banged my knee and loudly swore,
To wake -again- at half past four!
These nightmares I can stand no more...

Copyright © 2001 Dendrobia

Example #2:
Night Storm

It came in a winter?s night,
a fierce cold with quite a bite.
Frosted wind with all its might
sent ice and snow an invite
to layer earth in pure white
and glisten with morning light.

Copyright © 2005 Marie Summers
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Think of this poem in this way--a love so intense cannot be sustained. The poem is metaphysical in the sense that we search each lifetime for our soul mate (twin flame--other half of our own soul). The merge with the other half of self is so overwhelming, we may have to shelf it for this go around. Thank you for reading my poetry.
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