- Embrace the New Yearby ~Dovey
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ABC contest entry
Embrace the New Year by ~Dovey
ABC Poetry Contest contest entry

If life were as simple as the A, B, C's,
just added up by mere ones, twos, and threes,
knowledge, some dispute, may not grow on trees.
Lessons not learned in biblical degrees
may not be impactful, as those of Eve's

examples; the Garden of Eden perceives
forbidden fruit proffered by serpent deceives,
garments are fashioned from fig tree, of leaves.
Has mankind been judged for what he believes?
Are those preaching tolerance granting reprieves?

Caught up in labels, America grieves --
disputing liberal and conservative pleas
exposing in depth our lives by degrees.
For the sake of us all, can't we appease
by accepting there's fruit on each of our trees?

One's often defined by his ancestries.
Please, can't we recognize, as future foresees
quite often when our positivity flees
respect for our brethren is thrown to the breeze.
I'll offer my whim, borne by wind through the trees.

A doctrine spread by religious ministries
bears the same weight as those whose theories
counter another's idiosyncrasies.
Diverse populations are what we achieve,
by respecting what others in our lives believe.

Author Notes
An ABC poem has stanzas that begin the first four lines with consecutive letters of the alphabet. The fifth line in the stanza may begin with any letter of the alphabet. Quite often they are limited to one stanza, but may be multiple stanzas as long as each stanza follows the rule of consecutive alphabetic progression.


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