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Way Out There
: Blip! by BeasPeas
'Way Out There' ~ #5-396-B

Scotty's hip!
Defective microchip.
Causing engines worn out gears to strip.
Not possible to be fixed with some paper clips.
Spock's advice to Kirk!  "Abandon ship."
Enterprise radar flips.
Where's airstrip?

Rocky trip!
Gorn licks Captain; smacks lips.
Kirk fights alien Gorn whose tongue flicks.
Hoping for breakfast, slippery saliva drips
Mister Spock saves the day, tazer zips.
Large lizard loosens grip.
Gorn's gone, whipped!

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ November 29, 2016
'Way Out There'



Author Notes
This is a "Pat's spaceship poem" patterned on Patricia's (patcelaw) form she invented. Syllables are: 1-3-6-9-12-9-6-3-1. When centered, the lines take the form of a spaceship--so I wrote my poem about space. Thank you for reading my poetry and thank you, Patricia.

Image: bing/kirk wrestling gorn


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