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Nature Mirror by Bucketlist
Mirror contest writing prompt entry

Looking down into the lake
my reflection there I see
But wait ! there must be some mistake
that never could be me

For that person in the lake
Is at least 20ars than I
The face is one that I care not
to look straight into the eye

Her face has wrinkles coming
her hair is going greyh
Her eyes are losing their luster
along life's surly way

MY heart is young my spirits high
I am full of life as yet
Could what I see be really true
something I'll regret

NO! The answer is plain for one and all
I was born a Gemini you see
which makes me two as in twins,
the other woman isn't me.

was it all just a dream
or was it true reality?
iI’ll have to take another look
”Oh ****!” My mirror shows it’s me

Writing Prompt
Write a poem concerning you, or someone, and a mirror. Make it humerous or serious; make it structured or free verse, but keep it brief. Use the mirror as a metaphor in anyway you desire.

Author Notes
Every women's nightmare!
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