- Exotic Beautyby June Sargent
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Come here little fly...
Exotic Beauty by June Sargent
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She lures him with her ruby lips
bedazzling him with swaying hips
Exotic beauty sets her trap
as eager arms around him wrap

Her heady perfume fills the air
enticing him into her lair
Exotic beauty sets her trap
caressing him upon her lap

Her singing hypnotizes him
but then she stops and things look grim
Exotic beauty sets her trap
The door she closes with a snap

He tries to leave, but all for naught
He realizes he's been caught
Exotic beauty sets her trap
His life's blood she begins to tap

Writing Prompt
A kyrielle is made of quatrains that rhyme. Each stanza (that is a quatrain) has a line that repeats, so a line from a previous stanza. That line usually (but does not necessarily have to) be the last line in the stanza. Each line in the poem has eight syllables. There is no limit to the number of stanzas. Usually there are three or more stanzas. Any type of rhyme scheme can be used. More information and an example.
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Author Notes
According to an article entitled "Venus Fly Traps Even Creepier Than We Thought" by Ed Yong of The Atlantic, the plant may even be able to lure its victims by singing. Now that's creepy!


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