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A Dactylic Redoubled Rondeau
What it takes by tfawcus
Rondeau Redoublé contest entry

Strike on your drum with a boom and a brazenness,
striding out forcefully, stepping out merrily,
echoing confidence, displacing laziness,
singing most tunefully, jauntily, airily.

Make it more notable, beat it more scarily,
life can be changeable, fill it with craziness,
dance without fear like a grizzled old bear! Really
strike on your drum with a boom and a brazenness.

Life may be filled with a feeling of haziness,
making one miserable unnecessarily.
Snap out of lethargy! Leap up with wakefulness,
striding out forcefully, stepping out merrily,

giving a wave to the bystanders, cheerily
bellowing, "Follow me! Celebrate zaniness!
It's not the garden variety!" - verily
echoing confidence. Displacing laziness,

make it more difficult, put away caginess,
leap on a bicycle, pedal most hairily,
drumming one-handedly, not minding shakiness,
singing most tunefully, jauntily, airily.

Do not be hesitant, never go warily,
celebrate crashes but learn when you make a mess.
Rise from the ashes - remember, not fearfully!
Show you have courage and resonate agelessness,
...strike on your drum!


Author Notes
I thought perhaps, now that Pantygynt's imprisoned bride has broken free, we should give her a good time. Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Knowing she's not fond of anapests (da da DUMs), here's a dactylic offering.
The rhythm of the dactylic foot is DUM da da. This rondeau redouble for kiwisteveh's contest has four of them in each line, so I guess it's in dactylic tetrameter.

Rules for a Redoubled Rondeau are that it is written on two rhymes, but in five stanzas of four lines each and one of five lines. Each of the first four lines (stanza 1) get individually repeated in turn once by becoming successively the respective fourth lines of stanzas 2, 3, 4, & 5; and the first part of the first line is repeated as a short fifth line to conclude the sixth stanza. This can be represented as - A1,B1,A2,B2 - b,a,b,A1 - a,b,a,B1 - b,a,b,A2 - a,b,a,B2 - b,a,b,a,(A1).

I'm pronouncing miserable as mis'rable.


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