- Oh! For a New Spring!by A.A.A.EXHILARATING RIDE
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The joy of Life shared
Challenge, Change, and New Life
: Oh! For a New Spring! by A.A.A.EXHILARATING RIDE

Oh! For the spring
To flower anew
For growth to be visible
To FanStorian views

Through winter I've struggled
For new growth inside
Clarifying frustrations
To bloom again with pride

Oh! To be a perennial
Through this lifetime on Earth
Fully living each season
Expanding experience and worth

Expanding experience
Consciousness on Earth
That is the Golden Harvest
God seeded to birth

To be nurtured in family
Through worldly soils and strife
Extending culture and traditions
From Adam and his wife

Circles within circles
As seasons roll by
But one multi-dimensional spiral
Delights my human eyes

Delights my human eyes
As I wake today
Expressing with joy
Spring is on its way!

Oh! To radiate joy
As a new flower in bloom
And look forward to reviews
I hope will come soon!

Reviews to reinforce
The new beauty you see
As I unfold towards summer
The joy of being newly me!

Maureen Garrett: 14.9.2016

Author Notes
I just love the new birth of our Victorian spring, so vibrant this year in Melbourne city following later winter rains. And, I love the many metaphor's inspiring my life anew, after isolating winter struggles hidden from view.


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