- The UFC and My Sonby jusylee72
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: The UFC and My Son by jusylee72

I have often been asked

"What is it like to be a UFC Mom?"

How do you watch your son in the ring fighting?

Many people say things:

"I could never do that."
"How did he get into that?"
"Did you try to stop him?"

The truth is -

it is exciting
gut wrenching
helpless at the moment to help
wanting to be in there with him
in knowing how hard he works.
he is a man
who knows what he wants
and goes after it.

It truly isn't any different
from when you first allow your child -

to drive
make decisions on their own
walk away from you
make their own path.
move away to college
start their own business


have their heart broken by a friend
someone they thought was going to be the one
they would love for life.

We don't choose our children's destiny.

They find it

It is their Quest
not ours

When we step back
and let them become who they want to be.

We are amazed



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