- Santa Comes To Our Houseby country ranch writer
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A Mouses Dreams Come True
Santa Comes To Our House by country ranch writer
Christmas Song writing prompt entry

He was scurrying along singing a song
all through throughout the house
when he heard the bells on Christmas Eve
The little mouse then sang his song,"I do believe!
The bells are ringing softly as not to awaking
Any one from up the stairs above in the big house
These little guys the mice live under the stairs and
Every night they say there prayers for Santa to come

Hoping Santa will soon be sitting eating cookies
At their house before climbing up those large stairs
Our Santa is little one said, but his belly shakes like bowl of jelly
Or stockings are hung by the chimney with care hoping
Santa will soon be coming down the chimney there

Oh! Let it be Christmas Everywhere
Let heavenly music fill the air
Let every heart sing let every mouse bring
The story of hope and joy and peace
Let it be Christmas here under the stairs
Let heavenly music fill our tiny ears
Let it be Christmas by all means Oh! Santa Please!

We have decorated out tine pine cone tree for all to use
The lights twinkle so bright oh what a sight for us to see
We sit here drinking our grog, eating the apple spice
Cookie crumbs the missus up stairs gave us for a treat
She gave us tiny mittens and boots to fit our tiny feet
We promised to let old Tom cat sleep so we agreed
"Everyone Sing The Chorus"

Writing Prompt
Write a modern Christmas song. Humorous or serious.

Author Notes
Mice enjoy Christmas too.


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