- Rain Danceby jusylee72
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: Rain Dance by jusylee72
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I smelled the lilac in the air.
The door was opened wide.
without a thought of where to go,
I softly stepped outside.
The moon was full on that sweet night.
It lit the tallest fir trees. 
Big Dipper beamed across the sky,
So beautiful and free.

How could the world seem peaceful now?
How could the sky not know?
The tear stains on my cheeks were fresh.
The pain inside me grows. 

Six hours since I left her there.
Her soul made its ascent. 
Machines turned off that helped her breathe
with all her loved ones present. 

The lifeless tubes, so flexible,
now laid beside her bed.
No more forcing useless air into
a heart that's dead. 

We said goodbyes with tender words. 
We spoke of God and peace.
Our voices soft in faith we claimed. 
Her spirit now released. 

Now I stood outside my door.
I cursed the spacious sky. 
Anger filled my hardened heart.
She was too young to die.

I spoke out loud to God and asked,
What plan he had in mind. 
Why he took away someone 
So wonderful and kind.

In answer to my angry words,
a breeze began to whisper.
Lightning in the distance sky,
the air became much crisper.

My nightgown rippled in the wind.
Hair blew across my face
I stood in silence as I watched 
the storm clouds start to race. 

Heaven's tears began to fall, 
comforting and calming.
Slow, large drops to cleanse my soul
falling all around me.

My sadness turned to laughter
as I danced out in the rain.
Her soul reached out to find me.
She tried to ease my pain.

Our last words together, 
three weeks before were spoken. 
Her sense of humor came to me.  
My soul no longer broken.

"It sure is hot in Texas.
I don't mean to complain.
But surely God must know 
I love singing in the rain."

Writing Prompt
Write a poem in any form or style, with any subject or emotion but must include the following words:

flexible - present - air - dipper - lilac - fir - door - spacious

Where do these words take you??



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