- Hillary and The Donaldby BeasPeas
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: Hillary and The Donald by BeasPeas
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Our country's wrapped tight, can't seem to unwind.
The Donald, we know, is one of a kind.
Won't take it on the chin, he's not refined.
Tweets out responses for the daily grind.
Vows he will save us, not lead from behind,
enforce border laws, for which he's maligned.
But love him or hate him, he speaks his mind.

Hillary wears pantsuits, her voice is shrill.
Lost last time to Obama, a bitter pill.
Now glass ceiling's broken, she's in for the kill.
Says she'll win the White House, bring along Bill.
Hauled before Congress, she skated the grill.
The second amendment gives her a chill.
Says she's not crooked, Foundation's no shill.
She promises the ranch and lots of free frills.

Donald's hair's flying, he's having a ball.
He says Hill's speeches are paid by the Wall.
Hillary lied, didn't answer the call.
Her server was hacked, there was no firewall.
Hillary cries foul, says Donald's got gall.
Lamestream media and Fox spin it all.
Each side is hoping the other will fall.
While voters just want relief from the pall.

Marilyn D.F. Boire - August 14, 2016
'More Opinions, Politics & Comments'

Political Rant
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Author Notes
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Notes on this piece (if you care to read them).
"not lead from behind" - Donald says he will take a stand against ISIS.
"enforce border laws" - Donald wants to enforce existing immigration
laws (not currently enforced), build a wall on the southern border,
temporarily suspend refugees from terrorist countries from entering
the U.S. until they can be properly vetted, and end sanctuary cities
which harbor convicted immigrant felons.
"keep Gitmo open" - if Gitmo is closed, we would have to bring terrorist
prisoners to the US which would allow them all the legal rights of
American citizens.
Fox - conservative news.

"lost to Obama" - in 2008 election she was passed over in Democrat
nomination in favor of Obama.
"skated the grill" - no charges were brought against Hillary by Congress,
FBI, or Department of Justice for the unauthorized server in her home.
"second amendment" - Hillary wants to amend constitutional gun rights.
"Foundation's no shill" - The Clinton Foundation allegedly grants
donors favors for their contributions, called "pay to play."
"free frills" - Hillary was pushed to the left by Bernie Sanders. She wants
to expand benefits of all kinds to citizens and non-citizens alike,
including free public college tuition and medical benefits, free child
care and family leave. Admits taxes will have to be raised to do this.
"speeches paid by the Wall" - Wall Street.
"didn't answer the call" - as Secretary of State, Hillary ignored Benghazi
victims pleas for assistance while under attack in Libya.
"lamestream media" - liberal news

Hillary and The Donald -
Both candidates want to bring business back to the U.S. Donald wants to give a one time tax break to those companies to come back and to do business here at a lower tax rate which would increase jobs and improve the economy. Hillary is opposed to this plan.

Healthcare - Hillary wants a single payer system (issued by the government). Healthcare costs are due for a big increase this year as plan as it is cannot be financially sustained. Donald wants competition for lower rates to patients. Both candidates will alter Obamacare.

Immigration - Hillary wants open borders. Donald wants immigration laws to be enforced and proper vetting of refugees.

Foreign Policy - Both candidates want diplomacy, if possible. Donald is for a strong stand against ISIS and Iran. Hillary may be stronger than Obama on this issue. For now she says things will continue as is.

Taxes - Donald wants to cut tax rates across the board to stimulate the economy, help the middle class, and stimulate job growth. Hillary admits taxes will have to go up to provide the free frills when Bernie pushed her more to the left of center.

National Debt - Face it, folks, we are broke. U.S. national debt is 19+ trillion dollars and growing by the minute as we speak. Pump "U.S. National Debt real time clock" into your search engine and watch the numbers flicker. Hillary will continue with social programs to increase it. Donald wants to get a hold on it.

Government - Hillary wants to expand it. Donald wants to eliminate redundant agencies and give administrators the ability to fire incompetent employees.

Veterans - Both want to help veterans get the medical help they deserve.

Military - Not sure about Hillary, but Donald wants to replenish our diminishing strength and outdated equipment, feeling a strong military is a deterrent.

Environment - Both candidates are advocates. Donald wants to explore all forms of energy that will preserve our environment without crippling our economy.

If you've gotten this far, you are a news junkie like me. Thank you for reading.


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