- Light and Darknessby TPAC
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Act of Endurance
: Light and Darkness by TPAC
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A story before creation forming an earth origin, begin a home of souls in sin below, told a tale proclaiming it of others within this ground dark.

Thought of upper light put a suggestion made, stated vanity delusion superior sight, reflects alright a higher host all blessed alive real folks.

Darkness has a secret dim unknowns covered, post blind view all lies declaring a belief a yes, by sides recalls a host of truth finds lost proof.

The light known it's all seen about real things, uncertainty of a dark it stings opposite reason, told a trail rings words axed a fake fact reality.

Deceivers a final sale to seal the dark matter, creating said woe tale no vision a hell's story, stating others in to live all below Pure Ale light.

New dark forms there it's obvious statements, sounded opinion hark the first contact by God, claims host existence a remark stating theory.

Dark mound formed a liar named seen reality, theorized a hole found its pit endless, despair fright sound in it of the dead they entitled deep.

Lad's hand to reveal it bottomless as not right, in the dark spot bright beams about sparkling, equaling the darkness there's a light in this pit.


Author Notes
The everlasting waters act of endurance given times held the dwelling, known eternal ground and sky a plan for man: origin it Day and Night.


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