- A Different Kind Of Horseby country ranch writer
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Loves To Run And Play
A Different Kind Of Horse by country ranch writer
Pick a Critter for Robyn Corum writing prompt entry

Well, how are we today?
Have you come to play?
We can have a lot of fun.
Running, enjoying the sun

My stripes are a real treat.
people think they are neat.
I look like a horse but I'm not.
I have stripes from bottom to top.

I love to watch as people look.
some are writing in there books.
others look at me and pause cause.
they think I am wearing funny draws,

Writing Prompt
Pick a write that robyn corum has penned about one of her Critter's and pen a poem about the critter you think it is. Please write the Critter Number in your notes you selected. She is a most outstanding Poetess on FanStory.

Author Notes
I picked # number thirteen :: It is hard to pinpoint just which beautiful animal she would like. I know she will enjoy them all.


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