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: Days by jusylee72
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On some days

The sky will terrify me with outrageous thunder

Lightning turns the dark into day

Hailstorms crush my spirit

I will watch the snow melt on Christmas Eve

before the children build snowmen 

I will cry at knowledge I never wanted to know

I will no longer believe in purity

Or innocence

It will be replaced with soot from hell's fires

and the broken bones of fools

Other days

I will laugh at jokes and dance to music

No one else hears

I will view the new born baby

Children playing in clover

Trees blowing in the wind

Rustling with emotion

I will believe in God and all he offers

All forgiveness, all life

Dreams will tumble out of me

Scriptures will pour out of my mouth with ease

I will choose the path of righteousness

Most days

I will live in comfort, love, understanding

I will not seek adventure

Either real or imagined

I will accept the world as it is

A mixture of emotions, good and evil

Experiences when intertwined become my soul

They create my spirit

On my last day

When death surrounds me

I will remember every road I traveled

All the wonder

All the sadness

All the heartbreak

All the joy

I will no longer rely on any other spirit to guide me

I will lift up my wings and fly

Either into heaven or hell

A gift of my own choosing

Wrapped in the foil of my experiences

The good and evil in men will no longer concern me

for I will understand why I was created

On that day 

I will know I lived



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