- Seasons of Our Livesby Douglas Paul
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From the Book of Common Man
Wisdom Series
: Seasons of Our Lives by Douglas Paul
Blank Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

The seasons of our lives flow unrestrained,
like rivers tumbling down toward the sea.
Sometimes the current frolics in the light,
but there are times when darkness clouds the day.

It's in the sun where life is ever sweet,
but darkness is the place where wisdom's born,
and wisdom will be needed in the end,
to age with grace and dare the setting sun.

We're bound to make mistakes and suffer grief.
There is no way that we remain immune,
but these dark moments are what teach the most,
if only we will contemplate and learn.

As age takes hold the time comes to reflect
on hopes and dreams that may have been achieved.
We've made a lasting mark if we have loved,
and in the end, that's all that will remain.


Author Notes
In an effort to expand my horizons, I decided to try the "blank verse contest". This is written in the recommended iambic pentameter meter with no end rhymes or internal rhymes. Though I tend to prefer rhymed poetry, there is a certain freedom in this type of verse that holds some appeal.


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