- Out Of Nowhere She Appearsby country ranch writer
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Says Okay Boys I'm Here Let's Play
Out Of Nowhere She Appears by country ranch writer
Pocket Billiards contest entry
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Let's play is heard as she struts into the billiard hall
She was there to play them all oh! She's got balls
They just laughed and yelled let's go ahead rack them
all set in a new row and each ball is ready to begin

She took them all on like a wild child taking candy
from a baby but oh so sweet, called herself Mandy
playing with them was a treat for her being a pro
blonde bundle of a girl she knows how to win the dough

Sure wasn't your average kind of girl you'd find
in a bar she was a hustler a pro she took every dime
she was taking all of their money each time they lost
she even bet on the balls after awhile with the boss

Author Notes
Never know what will come waltzing in a billiard parlor some nights.


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