- Sea Blue Skyby Senyai
This work has reached the exceptional level
A spring sky canvas for our dreams
Sea Blue Sky by Senyai
Palindrome Poetry contest entry

winds blowing in gusts
up under eaves and trees
playfully touching, painting
cloud pictures, panoramic views
neighing horses, dogs running
and castles for kings and queens
sky canvas as broad and wide
as ocean or peaceful blue sea
empty, waiting for


for waiting, empty
sea blue peaceful or ocean as
wide and broad as canvas sky
queens and kings for castles and
running dogs, horses neighing
views panoramic, pictures cloud
painting, touching playfully
trees and eaves under up
gusts in blowing winds


Author Notes
Spring is such a playful time, it reminds us of the joy nature gives us. But beware of her wrath if she's in a treacherous mood.

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