- Once Upon A Fairy Taleby kiwisteveh
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Once Upon A Fairy Tale by kiwisteveh
Acrostic Poetry Contest contest entry

Over the mountains so far, far away,
Nearby the woods where the fairy-folk play,
Come to the gypsy-man's whistling tune,
Early or earlier, never too soon.

Up in the trees where the moonbeam alights,
Pixies and elves and the green forest sprites.
Over the rainbow, across the blue stream,
Nimbus awaits with his magical team.

At a word from their master, the unicorns leap

Far over the river, to Luna's sweet sweep.
A cry and a whinny, you're safely aboard,
In a carriage that carries a Myr-Dragon's hoard -
Rubies and emeralds, silver and gold -
You'd never believe it, unless you were told.

Twirling and swirling, those unicorns prance;
Across Heaven's highway, they dazzle and dance,
Light as a thistle-down's shimmering thread.
Enraptured, enchanted -- it's all in your head!




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