- Old Ageby brenda bickers
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Facing the truth
Old Age by brenda bickers

If I could just turn back the time,
when all was well and good.
When everything was in its place;
and functioned as it should.

Now body parts are slowing down;
and some don't work at all.
Whilst others work involuntary;
Begging for a fall.

Where once a head of Auburn hair;
now clogs the bathroom sink,
and lips that were a ruby red;
are now a bluish pink.

Where stood two rows of pearly whites;
are now a toothless grin.
And whiskers growing at full rate,
adorn my sagging chin.

My hips that I could once girate;
to music of the time.
Now make me look like I break-dance,
with every stair I climb.

Now every time I cough I wee,
and when I laugh I fart.
But all my friends just do the same
It's rude to not take part.



Author Notes
I am guilty of trying to hide the fact that I am older than I actually let on. I don't lie I just don't reveal the truth, as most women don't, especially when it comes to showing recent photos of ones self.
So I have decided to come clean and will be placing a more recent photo in my portfolio......Soon.....ish.....


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