- Wild and Freeby kiwisteveh
This work has reached the exceptional level
Narrative in Alouette form
Wild and Free by kiwisteveh
    Alouette Poetry Contest Winner 

     On a frosty night,
     By the pale moonlight,
I come for my promised bride.
     Though the journey's long,
     Yet my love is strong,
As full as the ocean tide.

     Past the darkling crag,
     Like a bounding stag,
My steed never slacks his pace,
     And his hoof-beats pound
     On the stony ground,
A match to my heart's mad race.

     To the mountain-side
     Where I end my ride,
Clings a fortress grim and gray.
     See my love run there,
     With her streaming hair
Agleam in the moon's soft ray.

     To my arms she leaps,
     As the sunrise creeps
To gild all the eastern sky.
     When the first light falls
     On the castle walls,
There sounds a despairing cry.

     'Tis her father's voice
     And she has no choice
But turn for a last sad glance,
     Ere I tug the rein
     And we ride again;
Now flight is our only chance.

     For a father's curse
     And a rich man's purse
Lays a price upon my head.
     For the daughter lost
     And the pride that's cost,
The morrow may find me dead.

     But her father's men,
     Though they search the glen
From mountain to sparkling sea,
     Not a trace they find
     Of the stag and hind
Who run with the wild and free.

     We are married now
     With a solemn vow,
Our altar the greenwood shade.
     To the outlaw life
     I have wed a wife,
Our home in the forest made.

Alouette Poetry
Contest Winner



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