- Murder Suicideby LeslieP5
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Jealousy kills
Shifting Shadows. Poems of Darkness
: Murder Suicide by LeslieP5

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
I peer out from behind a dark veil.
Bright light my senses assail.
The void and darkness lie within,
Product of hatred and my sin.

Since you left I have no hope.
I want to hang myself with a rope.
Sinister thoughts go through my mind;
No other solution can I find.

If I can't have you, no one can,
Even if he's "the better man."
I know my intentions aren't right.
I'm blinded by jealousy and my fright.

I put my evil plan into action.
I want to see your horror reaction.
I murder your lover in front of you.
You are next, number two.

Now I have a frozen heart,
Can't be pierced by lover's dart.
Without you how shall I cope?
Got to use that hangman's rope.

Author Notes
Unfortunately this happens in real life. I personally know a woman whose son was murdered by his soon to be x-girlfriend. They were found in his home together, her dead from a self-inflicted bullet wound. Breakups can be the most dangerous time if one of the partners is mentally unstable.


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