- Letter to Adewpearl/Brookeby robina1978
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A short story, letter and diary.
Letter to Adewpearl/Brooke by robina1978

I was so pleased when Miranda posted that Brooke is on the way to California. Then I don't think she will be bored again.
We will get her phone number. I'd like to mail Miranda something. Does anybody have her email address? I'd like to mail her something that concerns her mother's illness.
I phoned her a few times, the last time I could not reach her as she had been moved to another room. Even Miranda did not have a phone number.
But she might have access to a computer too.
I just pray for her safe arrival, and recovering somewhat.
Love and hugs to Brooke and Miranda,


Author Notes
Many thanks to Angelheart for the beautiful artwork.


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