- Big Yellow Ballby Brett Matthew West
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Inspired by a Strawberry Moon
Reflections Of Color
: Big Yellow Ball by Brett Matthew West

Big Yellow Ball

Big yellow ball shining in the sky
Tell me what you see when you pass by
Is it the anguish of the poor lost soul
or the mountains majestic and bold

Starving children. Impoverished lands
Waiting for someone to lend a hand
Or fairy tale castles built on the beach
Shimmering lights with a far distant reach

Wars and pestilence sure seem the plight
As mankind goes racing out of sight
Can you help us to cease and desist
From this turbulence we can not resist

Big yellow ball shine celestial light
Illuminate the Earth through the night
You rise and fall with each new day
Your guiding light will show us the way


Author Notes

Thanks montana_denny for the use of your picture. Goes very nicely with my poem.


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