- Walt Disney Presents!by michaelcahill
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100 Word Story
Walt Disney Presents! by michaelcahill

"Okay, smiles everyone. This is where all the great religions of the world join hands and descend upon ISIS wiping them off the face of the Earth. Okay, God is love. Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim … no grouping. And that's a wrap. Great job people."
"Look, J.B., this is going on the shelf. The mucky-mucks say it's just too unbelievable."
"Damn! I knew it. What's next?"
"You'll love it. A pink dinosaur runs for President and wins. The world sees how much he loves little Suzy and all war stops."
"Yeah, that's more like it, something believable."
"Religions joining hands, ha!"




Author Notes
This was to be for the 100 word story prompt, but I've already entered my allotment. So, I'm just posting this for the joy of writing.


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