- Margaret; her life's poem by alexgardiner
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Margaret; her life's poem by alexgardiner

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Once upon a time many memories ago, I was a wee boy. A wee wee boy with two mums.
Imagine; how lucky can one wee boy be? My mum :Mary Ann Dow Gardiner and my lovely big sister Margaret.
Too many memories to relate in this endeavour for me to say; lucky lucky lucky me.
Mum was Mum in every respect. She sacrificed much for this wee character.
I move on though ; to the beautiful ; saintly big sister Margaret. A face so gentle and unselfish; a face which is etched into all my days ,in all my present 78 years of days.

Margaret now gone but still in my heart; so deeply, that I still acknowledge she is there and she will always look after me, as she always has, throughout her gently magnificent life. Margaret had an unbelievable husband called Joe and five children of her own who were her life until the end. End of her being but never the end of her influence for good and gentle things. My Big sister is ever present showing us how to appreciate others and to care about our family she has left behind, but not forgotten. Sometimes; when quietly being surprised what this world presents to us in its wonderment; the wonderment of nature and beautiful flowers and trees and beautiful animals ,the awe of vistas and horizons; Margaret's legacy and her image is always there showing us the good.

Just a thankful reminisce of a beautiful humane being Called Margaret. Will catch up again one day Bonny Bonny lass.
Your wee wee bruther Alex.

Author Notes
For proof of this wonderful being just ask her children
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