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A short reflection which is a true story.
Mystery Ingredients by PhilipCatshill

This is a true story, which might lose something in translation from UK English to American - but here goes:

My mother was proud to be the owner of the first freezer in our English village - she froze everything - all the vegetables from the garden and meat from the market - and everything else that was edible - trouble was, no one told her how important the labels were - as you know, when it comes out of the freezer, everything looks the same, so when it came to a meal, it was pot luck what would turn up on the plate.

I popped in one day, just in time for a freshly baked cake. She said, "Can you identify the mystery ingredient?"

"Well," I said, "It tastes a bit like nutmeg. What is it?"

"I think it might be gravy," she replied, "only your dad had chocolate sauce on his dinner."

My mom died over a quarter of a century ago, but left behind enough great memories so we can laugh for a lifetime.


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