- Ichabod by Justin Chopin
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Poem about Ichabod from the 1 Samuel 4: 21-22
Ichabod by Justin Chopin
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My name is Ichabod,
The very scourge of God.

Banished from the human race.
Being thought of as nothing but a disgrace.

So now, I, Ichabod, this unacceptable abomination.
Will walk these flesh-searing, desert sands of an unforgiving nation.

Searching for a friend to comfort me.
Through these terrible times of misery.

But all of these thoughts that I have entertained.
Will bring me nothing but pain.

Because I know that I will perish in this putrid hell.
Taken apart by the buzzards, the falcons, and other birds.
Who will feast on me in the dark shades of the evening.

So, I lay in wait for the night.
Hoping these demons of the desert
Will end the pain that I have endured my entire life.


Author Notes
The name Ichabod means " Disgrace." I actually was inspired to write this piece after reading the Bible. There was a real person named Ichabod but in the chapter of 1 Samuel that I was studying he was only mentioned once. The poem itself is just what I thought Ichabod may have thought later in his life after being rejected by his own people.


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